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The Scoop

Paid social media advertising is currently one of the most powerful lead generation opportunities for businesses. To break it down simply, a paid social ad is a well-thought-out, intentionally-focused post that strategically targets the audience you choose. Translation: paid social media advertising reaches new people, the ones that most want your product or service, with highly intelligent targeting.

To ensure you’re not just spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast on the social media speedway, we take the wheel and create paid social media ads that will help your campaign gain traction, your brand awareness soar, and your business stand out as the frontrunner in your industry.

Matthew Beasley - Paid Ads Manager

Our goal is to create an ad campaign that not only feels right for your brand, but also drives results.

What We Do

Work Within Your Budget

Is paid social media advertising worth the money? You can bet your bottom dollar. First, we help you discover how to spend and build a budget that works for your goals. As we understand your objectives, we’ll choose advertisements that work best within the parameters of each platform. For example, we may suggest Carousel ads on Facebook but video ads on Instagram. And if you want to only pay if a social browser converts to a buyer, we'll set you up with PPC, pay-per-click advertising. Our job is to make you a winner. So we will start small and then refine your targeting. You will invest where we see results. Nothing more.

Define Clear Goals

First things first. In order to create a paid social media advertising strategy that is tailored to your business needs, we first need to define your goals. We create a different ad for each platform with your goals at the heart of the ad. Remember that paid social advertising differs from network to network—it’s not a one size fits all kind of machine. And as we design your ads, we align your paid social media advertising strategy, rooted firmly in your goals, with the behavior patterns of your audience. More on that when we talk targeting.

Access Analytics

Helping your brand be known in each network’s advertising funnel is our bottom line. How do we do this? We delve into the analytics so you don’t have to. Looking from the outside in at each social platform gives us a better idea of how your content is working. We do the math. We compute the data and access the native analytics for insights into how to enhance the performance of your social media campaigns.

Assist in Formatting

In addition to reading the social media room, zeroing in on those groups huddling in the corner that haven’t even noticed your existence, and going after them, we design the approach that is not only appropriate for your unique audience, but effective in helping them see that you have what they want. We help you with the nitty gritty formatting details, and this includes choosing the correct sizes, specs, and aspect ratios for each type of ad.

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Why You Need Us

Strengthen your targeting.

Paid social media advertising gives you complete control over who sees your posts. We know the targeting parameters of each platform: user demographics, interests, etc. We retarget your social users—those who’ve already visited your website—with a retargeting pixel that we install on your website that lets you measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. In other words, when someone takes an action on your website after viewing your paid ad on social, the pixel is triggered and reports the action.

Integrate tracking and reporting tools.

Continually assessing and refining the performance of your advertising campaigns sheds light on metrics, like reach and engagement. We look at clicks, comments, and profile visits as we determine if your ads are creating an impact. We benchmark your performance against your competitors’. As we gather actionable insight on the health of your ads, we adjust as necessary.

Expand your reach.

Paid social media advertising secures a seat at the table of your audience’s feed. Regular appearance in your viewers’ newsfeeds leads to recognition. And when you’re recognized, your credibility skyrockets. We create informative and memorable ads that generate awareness by blending motion, color, and text to lock in good impressions and keep users' attention.

Convey value.

Since most people follow a brand because they’re interested in what it offers, you’ve got to nurture that curiosity with your best content so that they turn into leads. How else will paid social media ads maximize your content marketing? This is your opportunity to grab attention and communicate value immediately.


How will I know if I'm getting leads from my campaigns?

As your social media advertising gurus, we create custom landing pages and formulate a plan that tracks the most important landing page metrics. These help us actively monitor the performance of your campaign.

How much will I spend on my paid social media advertising campaigns?

Creating clear goals and a budget that aligns with said goals is instrumental in the success of your social media marketing strategy. We will work with you to help determine what budget will work best for your business. And remember that nearly one in two people have a social media account, so wherever you land on the spending spectrum, you can consider every penny well spent. These days, social media ads are often the most cost-effective form of digital advertising.

How will I know which of my products or services is best advertised through social media?

Measuring the results of your ad campaign is as important as knowing your goals, and our experts are adept at measuring and tracking results. It’s what we do every day. Once we’ve gathered that info, we turn around and advise you on where to focus your social media advertising.


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