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Curious how LinkedIn, a more professionally focused social platform, could ever help your business? Chances are, many of your customers are LinkedIn users, and most have two times the buying power of your standard, everyday web crowd.

Plus, LinkedIn marketing directly impacts your SEO (search engine optimization). Try this out: Search a company on Google that already has a LinkedIn business page. You will most likely find it on the first page, especially if the postings on the LinkedIn page have strong, frequent content.

If you’re in the mood for a more sophisticated brand of social media marketing, and if you’ve decided it’s time to zero in on your audience’s pain points and offer your solution to the problem that only you can fix, iScreamSocialMedia is locked and loaded and ready to help with your LinkedIn marketing needs.

Shim Ching,

Their skilled and trustworthy team of social media experts make the process seamless from start to finish. Hiring iScreamSocialMedia has proven to be a profitable decision for my practice marketing.

What We Do

Build Your Brand Like a Boss

Your LinkedIn Page is like a piece of real estate for your brand, and with our LinkedIn marketing pros in charge, we’ll make the most of it. No matter how professional you are and how business-focused the LinkedIn platform appears to be, people respond much more favorably to vulnerability than corporate clichés and business-speak. At iScreamSocialMedia, we speak the LinkedIn dialect fluently.

Tailor Industry-Generated Content for LinkedIn’s Discussion-Type Forum

Successful LinkedIn marketing requires a mind shift in your overall social media marketing strategy. Whereas short, quick posts are more effective on networks like Twitter and Instagram Stories, LinkedIn advertising lends itself to long-form, thoughtful industry talk. What causes LinkedIn growth and essentially growth for your business is offering help to your target audience. As we lead the charge with your LinkedIn management, we post helpful tips and resources that solve problems for your people. That’s the secret to creating content that builds trust around your brand and more likely to be shared by your followers.

Promote Your Page

The promotional tactics we have up our sleeves at iScreamSocialMedia ensure everyone will know your name and your page. From using the right keywords to adding location, from maximizing your employee engagement to spreading your brand across social media platforms, it’s our job to make sure your reach is always increasing and your biz always ranks highly in search.

Utilize LinkedIn’s Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages specialize in drawing extra attention to specific areas of a business. You get 10 chances to highlight products, events, services, businesses you partner with, and nonprofits you support with Showcase Pages. The tricky part for many is dreaming up an original title that hasn’t already been used, but that’s our genius. We’re armed with brand messaging modules and SEO-friendly posts that will polish and promote your brand’s identity.

Strategic LinkedIn Advertising with Campaign Manager

The beauty of LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager is its razor-sharp targeting options that allow you to zero in on cut-and-dried, clearly defined goals. Our rock star team knows the ins and outs of the different ad formats like the back of their hands, the winning methods for advertising on this particular network, and the best practices. When it comes to LinkedIn ads, we are your people. Scroll down to learn more.

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LinkedIn Advertising for
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Sponsored Content

These rich and creamy ads are what promote your posts. Our team at iScreamSocialMedia are master chefs at whipping up content for single image, video, and carousel formats.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads look a lot like text ads but are actually much more complicated. Wha t makes them especially unique are their formats which address their target by name and with a photo.

Sponsored InMail

These sneaky ads slide right into LinkedIn members’ inboxes, and that is fantastically effective because email marketing is the one advertising technique that has been around forever and is still standing tall.

Text Ads

Have you seen the LinkedIn ads up in the right rail and top banner on your desktop that have a short headline, a blurb, and a small square image? Those are text ads, and we measure them by payper-click or cost-per-impression.

Direct Sponsored Content

Unlike their counterparts, direct sponsored content is not published on your LinkedIn page feed. They pose as regular posts, but you can singlehandedly tailor them to target the exact audience you’re after.

Linked Audience Network

This LinkedIn ad strategy reaches beyond LinkedIn. Linked Audience Network is set up to allow advertisers to use sponsored content to target their audience on partner apps and websites.


Do I need a LinkedIn personal profile?

The nutshell version of why you need to create a LinkedIn personal profile page is because it’s required to create your LinkedIn company page, but having a personal hub has a great benefit. A digital representation of your professional brand, including listing your previous experience, building a network, and sharing and creating content that establishes thought leadership and keeps up with your connections will only serve to boost your company page. And it really makes sense to focus on your member profile if you’re the sole proprietor and face of your brand. When it comes to LinkedIn advertising, promoting yourself and bolstering your personal network contributes to growing your business through your company page.

Should I post on LinkedIn as a business or as myself?

Ideally, both. In fact, to post as a business, you must first create a personal profile. Just having a personal profile page is only enough until you’re ready to move past the phase of small business to increasing scale and building brand identity. We are masters at helping you monetize your personal profile and business page appropriately.

How often should I post on LinkedIn?

Here’s the deal: the more content you provide on your page, the easier you’ll be able to gauge the understanding and desires of your audience. So, often is helpful. Once a week is a good start if you’re a beginner. However, as you become established and gain followers, you’ll want to up your posts to once a day, developing service offerings or products according to what your community wants.

When is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

Our LinkedIn marketing experts know that LinkedIn recommends posting daily, but we’ve experimented with frequency and seen that users usually check LinkedIn during the work week, so Saturday and Sunday posts typically have a bit less engagement. As we always say here at iScreamSocialMedia, what matters most is the quality of your content and its relevance, so we garnish your posts with toppings that educate your audience on the latest in your industry, such as job opportunities and business announcements. We begin by making sure your LinkedIn posts are business related, and then depending on your industry, we predict, measure, and repeat (or adjust) until we’ve discovered the winning recipe.


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