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Who thought that dimensionally symmetrical boxes arranged in an aesthetic fashion would play an integral role in the world of social media? We didn’t, and while in hindsight we kind of wish we did, we’ve got a head start on how your business can leverage Instagram marketing services for lead generation, and that’s basically the next best thing.

Our experienced team of Miami Instagram marketing specialists creates high-quality visual content that captures your target audience and pairs it with authentic, compelling captions designed to increase engagement. Through testing and reviewing data analytics, we determine the most effective content for your feed, while bolstering your unique brand voice in every Instagram post. Our proprietary process keeps your Instagram feed authentic and local, using content creation and writing techniques that keep your brand, well, on-brand.

Jenna Voliva,
Marketing Manager

iScreamSocialMedia’s creative design is very high quality, with photos, graphics, and video that feel authentic and local.

How We Can Sweeten
Your Instagram Marketing

Shareable Content

People love to share a product or service they can get behind. There’s a science behind why this is and what people tend to share. When creating shareable content for your business, we use a variety of proven Instagram marketing techniques, such as interactive content, video, and photographic treats, coupled with professional prose and witty repartee, hashtags, contests, and influencer campaigns. The combination of these individual pieces leads to increasing your reach, and growing your followers, leads and overall ROI.

Instagram Stories

With over half a billion users viewing Instagram Stories (Stories) on a regular basis, and a third of most-watched Stories coming from brands and businesses, Stories are an Instagram marketing strategy on which you can’t afford to miss out. We specialize in creating visually stunning Stories that drive engagement and improve the performance of your overall Instagram advertising, using data-based choices and best practices.

Paid Instagram Ads

While buying followers is a social media mistake that will only bring you doom and misfortune, buying Instagram advertising is both prudent and imperative. Rest easy. Our team only uses above-board methodologies to grow followership, never stooping to use bots, purchase followers, or participate in any other “shady business” our industry is known for. Our Instagram Marketing ads experts can target your audience by demographics, location, interests, behaviors, and even income with dynamic ads proven to attract leads. Learn more about paid social media advertising here.

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Effective Instagram Marketing for
Your Business

Understand the Algorithm

Unless you live and breathe in the world of Instagram marketing, it’s nearly impossible to stay up-to-date with the constant Instagram algorithm changes. The good news is that’s our job here at iScreamSocialMedia and we’ve got you covered. We always have a pulse on what, when, and how to post on Instagram to make the current Instagram algorithm work to your benefit

Increase Engagement

Our team pairs eye-catching visuals with thought-provoking captions to engage your audience at every possible chance. We incorporate opportunities for interaction, whether it be polls and questions in Stories, or contests that involve tagging friends in comments. Effective engagement strategies on social media evolve rapidly, and we’re at the forefront of these trends.

Grow Your Followers

100% of our clients have increased overall followership of real accounts after hiring our company. The reality is followers alone does not equate to sales growth, but is a key step in the sales funnel. Our focus is ultimately on buyers, ROI, and awareness, not simply followers. However, more followers will be coming your way!

Measure Results

The success of Instagram marketing can be measured by a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs), including reach, engagement, followers, comments, and leads. Our team will review your Instagram analytics carefully and adjust your strategy accordingly to consistently improve your results, with a focus on profit growth.


How often should I engage with my Instagram followers?

Responding to questions and comments on Instagram posts as quickly as possible will not only establish you as a transparent and trustworthy business with a human at its core, but also increase your engagement and chances of making it on the Instagram Explore page. Getting on this page can increase exposure and engagement outside your follower base. For most businesses, we recommend responding within 24 hours, aiming for the same business day, with a goal of replying within minutes or seconds. Industry best practices vary, but these recommendations can serve as a rule of thumb.

What should I post on lnstagram for my business?

Social media is your brand's opportunity to tell your company's story visually, in a way that attracts followers and compels them to engage with and share your content. Start by defining your core values, continue by listing your aspirational values and goals, and finish by defining what is non-negotiable and not you. Next, start creating content about what your business does or offers, and sprinkle in a variety of fun and interesting escapes that still fit within your values to keep the feed from being boring. Once you realize this is a full-time job and not worth your time, get in touch. Homemade ice cream is fun to try when you have some free time, but when it’s time to open an entire ice cream shop, e-mail getthescoop@iScrearnSocialMedia. It's our job to help you discover what appeals most to your audience and what will continue to build a following.

How often should I post on Instagram?

Such a good question. We've done the research and will help you figure out how many times a day or week would be ideal for your unique business to post on Instagram. Major brands average 1.5 times a day while, for most businesses, 3-4 times a week is sufficient to remain relevant and recalled but not burdensome and numbing. Indeed, ice cream served every day, three meals a day, will give you a stomachache, but served a few times a week is a welcome treat. Your brand is unique, and both consistency and quality are crucial components to Instagram marketing. So, once we've dialed in on what's practical for you and your capabilities, we'll nail down the exact number.

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

Figuring out the answer to this question can be tricky. But that's why you have us. We keep up to date on the ever-evolving Instagram algorithm and what it means for best posting times. Interest, recency, and relationship are three of the factors we consider as we discern what's best for your brand. And the truth is that research is always changing. Last year, some may have preached posting on Wednesdays and Fridays at 11am was best, but next year, best times may be something altogether different. We keep you ahead of the curve and research regularly what time is best for a particular business niche or arena.

Should I work with Instagram Influencers?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. And we take them all into consideration as we seek to guide you through the Instagram Influencer maze. Questions to think about: What’s your budget? Is there an Instagram Influencer that is a natural fit for your industry? Can you build a long-term relationship with them that results in long-term effects for your business? We’ll help you figure it out. Importantly, like all aspects of social media marketing, it looks simple but is typically complex. How many of the influencer’s followers are real vs. fake? Can they guarantee any ROI? What are the exact demographics of their followers and do they dovetail with your ideal buyer? And how do you know if you can trust their answers? It’s what we do, so work with experts before investing without clarity.


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