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Facebook marketing is arguably the single most powerful marketing strategy available today. And our Miami-based Facebook marketing strategists at iScreamSocialMedia have worked with Facebook since its creation, and we’ve served the gamut. Our menu ranges from full-service social media management where we create customized content calendars to consulting where we help boost your overall performance, to creating, launching, and managing paid Facebook advertising campaigns.

Remember that almost 70% of social media users log on to learn more about new products and services. Potential customers are looking for what you have to offer. The question is: will they find you?

Jenna Voliva
Marketing Manager

In just our first two months, social media led to approximately 4-8 sales that likely gave us a 3-10x return on our investment

What We Do

Creation and Optimization of Your Facebook Profile

When it comes to whipping up an effective Facebook profile for your business, our social media gurus know all the award-winning recipes. We create tasty, original, content, sure to attract and engage both new and existing customers for your business. From pinning important posts to the top of your page to organizing and prioritizing tabs, we implement each step that reinforces a Facebook marketing strategy designed to build a solid Facebook presence for your business.

Maximize Facebook Stories

Think of Facebook Stories as those tiny spoons laden with a carefully balanced sample of ice cream at your local ice cream shop. These teasers give your clients and customers a taste of what they could enjoy long term. And they hold a prime viewing location at the top of your News Feed. We create content that thrives in these fast-paced slots, scooping up five-second photo clips and 20-second videos that promote your brand, expand your reach to new audiences, grow your engagement, and strengthen your relationship with your Facebook audience.

Facebook Ads

Paid ads are the heart and soul of Facebook marketing. Facebook provides the biggest advertising opportunity for businesses since search, with 22 billion ad clicks per year. As we develop Facebook ads, we focus on your objectives and create different audiences, keeping a close watch on how the back-end barometer gauges each. There is a mix of multiple options and categories on the front and back ends of ads which can get complicated for a novice, but we’ve got our hand on the pulse 24/7/365, so it’s all just another ice cream cone to us. Scroll down to learn more.

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How We Do
Facebook Advertising

Funnel Approach

We create Facebook ad campaigns with an advanced conversion funnel that maximizes your marketing dollars as we determine your marketing objective and move forward with a valuable and trackable approach. All of our Facebook marketing decisions are based on where your customers fit in the marketing funnel – awareness, consideration, or conversion.

A/B Testing

We are legendary when it comes to our A/B testing which helps determine what's working best. We streamline your cost efficiencies to make sure everything is performing at an optimal level using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. We constantly test creative options over and over again until we find the customers that will take those golden actions.

Analytics & Reporting

We measure results by taking a fine-tooth comb to the analytics, probing all the crucial information, like reach and impressions. What appears to be a foreign language to most, reads like a native tongue to our experts, so we are able to see the effectiveness of the campaign and modify as necessary, according to what the data is telling us.

Constant Attention

We follow the best practices for choosing images and put the best possible mixes together that will resonate with your audience. After that comes the most important part; we pay attention to your user experiences and evaluate how they are interacting with your ads. We look to see what catches the eye, what people are snacking on, and how changes fluctuate. Our Miami based Facebook marketing team is constantly watching the performance of your ads and adjusting accordingly.


Is Facebook marketing effective for my business?

As soon as we get to know your business, we’ll be able to answer that question right away. But one of our favorite things is that almost any business can benefit from Facebook marketing. And as Facebook owns Instagram, depending on your demographic, product or service, and branding, we can customize your package to ensure ad spend is not wasted. Businesses differ across the board in a variety of ways, and the best way to find out how effective Facebook marketing would be for your business is to try it out and analyze the results.

How much do I need to spend on Facebook advertising?

One perk that Facebook offers is that you can choose your budget and adjust it as you go. But be careful, because you can easily spend a lot if you don’t know what you’re doing! If it was possible to create the results we create on your own without being a social media wizard, we’d be out of business long ago, but business is thriving so we recommend trusting this to experts that spend 2000+ hours a year focusing solely on social media marketing expertise.

How do I do a Facebook Live?

Facebook Live videos for your business can be created by following the prompts on your business page in your Facebook app. If you decide to work with us, we provide tips and best practices to ensure you get the most out of your streaming experience. Once we’ve gotten to know your business, we’ll suggest ideas for creating relevant content, such as Q&A and interviews with industry leaders, announcements about your business, demos, and tutorials.

How often should I post on Facebook?

There is no magic formula. What works for one brand doesn’t necessarily work for another. But there are proven Facebook marketing strategies that we use as a guide. For example, we feel that posting consistently is more important than posting frequently. We know that the quality of your posts is more valuable than the quantity. We will experiment with your content schedule and keep an eye on the times your audience engages with your content most often, and then we strike when the iron’s hot.

When is the best time to post on Facebook?

Again, this is somewhat of a mystery because of ever-evolving trends, plus the product or service may have an effect. For example, posting a kid’s toy advertisement on a Saturday morning may make sense, while posting an advertisement for a local restaurant having a dinner special may work better on a weekday around 5pm. And trial and error is often the best way to figure out when to post for maximum exposure. We use tools and analytics, including machine learning through artificial intelligence, that allows us to quickly discern the times that work best for your brand and your audience, and we continue to analyze and tweak as needed.


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