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Top Social Media Marketing Trends in 2022: What to Know

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Top Social Media Marketing Trends in 2022: What to Know

It’s that time of year… we’re ready to share our predictions for the top social media marketing trends in 2022! We can’t foresee them all (Facebook rebranding to Meta surprised us last year – though we can now see a world-wide movement to create “work spaces,” “mini-worlds,” and “stores” in virtual reality “metaverses”, particularly in the developing world, but we’re constantly watching the latest developments and keeping our eyes open for the next big thing(s).

And, while this list should help get your creative social media marketing juices flowing, call us at (305) 455-0720 or e-mail getthescoop@iscreamsocialmedia.com to schedule a strategy call with our team to discuss how we can help you monetize these trends.

2. Reels Get Hotter

These aren’t going anywhere in 2022, in part to allow Instagram and Facebook to compete with the power of TikTok wiht its own copycat, called Reels, so get ready to bring the heat with your Instagram Reels game! It’s quite simply the fastest way to gain traction on IG, as we’re often finding them to be the top performing content on the app for our clients. Users want short, entertaining, and engaging videos, and reels are just that. As a pro tip, try turning your highest-performing reels into ads, and retargeting or promoting to a lookalike audience.

3. Video Ads Continue to Dominate

Is there anyone these days that isn’t subscribed to Netflix? Ad-free streaming services have been taking the place of cable, so it’s no surprise that 46% of people watch more social media video ads than commercials on TV. As a result, companies are focusing more on advertising on social media platforms. Unlike the 30-second commercials you see on TV that often require an entire production, ad clips on social media can be short and sweet. Consumer surveys have shown that social media video ads are the #1 way people find businesses they end up buying from. In the coming year, you’ll want to build a killer video ad campaign (or hire us to do it for you) on all social platforms.

4. Creator Collaboration is Growing

You can’t have social media without influencers, and many of them are making careers out of creating content. Because they already have a platform and reach, they offer a unique marketing opportunity, and brands are taking notice. In fact, it’s estimated that over 75% will be using this strategy by 2022. Many platforms have added features for monetizing brand collabs to make it easier to partner with creators (TikTok has the Creator Fund, Instagram has Collabs, etc). You’ll definitely want to start searching for popular influencers in your target audience to collaborate with!

Don’t let 2022 pass you by without taking advantage of these opportunities to attract more customers. Are you ready to evolve with these social media trends or will you be left in the dust?

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