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TikTok Launches New Interactive Insights Platform

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Your TikTok marketing just got a little bit easier! TikTok has just launched a new, interactive insights platform, that enables you to use a range of new filters to discover key data points on your target markets.

This new feature is actually very similar to Facebook’s interactive insights tool, which is designed to give you a more customized perspective on key data points, as opposed to more generalized studies and whitepapers that may not be aligned with your needs.

Any good marketer knows that the key to a successful TikTok marketing campaign, or a marketing campaign on any other social media platform for that matter, starts with data. If you’re blindly making decisions without data to back them up, the chances of success are slim to none.

What information is even available in these new insights? Well, this new tool allows you to look at your audience in bit-sized chunks segmented by country, generation, industry, and holidays and events.

So if you wanted to know what the key trends are among TikTok users in the US over Christmas for Millennials, you could find that information very easily.


You heard that right—TikTok marketing insights from around the 🌎 are finally here. Find them all today with the TikTok Insights tool. Start exploring at our link in bio!

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This new information could help guide your strategic approach and inform your choices, increasing your chances of better performance.

The only drawback right now is that TikTok’s insights database doesn’t seem too deep, so many of the same data points show up in several categories, which means while they are more specific than before, it still might not be as specific as you’d like.

This is so important because TikTok is currently the app of the moment, and on track to reach 1.5 billion users in 2022. With a rapid increase in users, it’s no surprise that marketers are looking for more ways to get into trending discussions and build a presence on the app.

It’s one thing to just post on social media, but it’s another to post with purpose. That’s where we can help. If you need assistance with your TikTok marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or call us at 305-455-0720.