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Three Ideas To Increase Your Social Media Engagement

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Are you tired of social media trend reports giving you the same, nondescript bullet points?

° Use more video content

° Use Reels AND TikTok

° Use hashtags

Let’s get specific about how we can actually build an engaged audience in 2023. Because a large follower count is nothing if it isn’t backed up with comments, likes, saves, and shares! Engagement is EVERYTHING. 

If you’re ready to take your platform to the next level in the new year, here are three concrete, digestible ideas to help transform your social media engagement:

1. Main Character Energy

An end of year poll by YPulse showed that “Main Character Energy” is the phrase for 2023. We’re taking ownership of our lives and platforms, and we’re not afraid to be the titular role. So, how can you do this?

Show Face

Content that includes your face will always receive more engagement. Though, in 2023, we’re less focused on always looking camera ready and just filming and posting when the iron is hot!

Film “Life Hacks”

You may think that everyone knows your method for the perfect sandwich, but the chances are high they don’t. Post hacks and tips that make your life easier, more efficient, and more joyous!


While it may seem cringy, POST POST POST! Upload multiple TikToks a day, even if it’s just you thinking out loud. This gives you the highest chance of going viral, allowing the algorithm to get to know you and push your content to the right people. 

2. Actionable Entertainment

People love to see life in motion. In the new year, we don’t just want to see you talk about a topic, we want to see it in action! Instead of explaining your tutorial, show each step, even if it’s just 0.3 second clips. If you’re doing makeup reviews, actually apply that product as you give your assessment of it. The more movement the better, as it grabs your audience’s eye and their attention.

Day In The Life (DITL) videos are going to continue to gain popularity, but don’t feel overwhelmed by them! Content that shows your entire day can be too long and loses the viewer’s attention. Pick a piece of your day, like “A Morning In My Life,” and create a video around that. Viewers also adore  “Day In The Life of a (insert your title here)” videos. Lean into your profession and hobbies, and use them for content! 

Let’s do an example: 

Title: Day In The Life of a Social Media Content Creator

Focus: A TikTok on writing this blog

Clips: Brainstorming ideas, doing research, hands on my keyboard typing, coffee break

Final Finishes: A voiceover that touches on some of my process, funny moments along the journey, breakthroughs, and telling you just how delicious my iced caramel oat milk latte was.

Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos are a great stepping stone into these shorter vlog-style videos, as they’re actionable (you’re getting ready) and you can just talk as you go. Tell your followers your plans for the day, or do a deep dive into your clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, etc.

Ritual/Routine videos are another growing trend to focus on. These fall into the self-care genre, which both TikTok and IG are promoting. Showing something like your evening routine (ex: dinner, read a book, skincare, lights out) can inspire others to build their own, and can help keep you accountable if you’re trying to cement your own helpful habits.

3. Hyper Niches

Beyond building your brand, digging into what truly sets you apart from the crowd is going to skyrocket in 2023. Not only will it make you recognizable (“Oh that’s the creator who’s an olive oil connoisseur!”), but it will make your content more authentic and entertaining to watch. Viewers can tell when you’re passionate, and are drawn to that material. It will also guide your creation experience and make it more enjoyable for you as a creator. Who likes to make content about something they’re not interested in?

From a social media engagement perspective, hyper niches will also help you build an online community of like-minded individuals. Making your social media a more social place will guarantee the likes and comments roll in.

Getting Started

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