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The Best Smartphones for Social Media Marketing

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For many, you’re going to be gathering content, and posting said content on your smartphone for social media marketing. Because of that, you need to make sure you have a device that can get the job done with as few headaches as possible. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single best option for smartphones as there is a lot of subjective matter that goes into what makes a smartphone “good”. But this also means there are plenty of options that can get the job done for your social media marketing.


Best Camera System

Let’s get this out of the way first. Some of the best options for smartphone camera systems are the iPhone 14 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and the Pixel 7. You’d be able to get the job done with any of these smartphones, but let’s get more into the nitty gritty.

The iPhone 14 Pro might not have the best specs out of the three smartphones, but the seamless integration with Apple’s proprietary system makes it perform extremely well. The 12MP camera can give great image quality, but this camera system truly shines with video. It doesn’t have the highest quality, but the color balancing for video is some of the best, and the internal microphone for videos is the best in the list.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has the best camera from a pure specs perspective and can give you stunning images. Depending on what types of photos you’ll be taking, this smartphone has every option you’d need with both a micro camera and a 100x zoom. Yes, you read that correctly. 100x. This camera system also allows you to use a “pro mode” that allows you to get incredibly granular with your camera settings, bringing you to near-professional levels of versatility. 

The Pixel 7 is the least expensive of the options, which might lead you to believe that it has the worst camera system. And from a specs perspective, it’s got nothing special going on, but what it lacks in hardware, it more than makes up for in software. Its software helps create images that constantly impresses considering the starting price.


Best Functionality

Functionality can mean several things, and we will get more in detail momentarily, but the frontrunners for best functionality are the iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The iPhone’s functionality comes from both its highest praise and highest criticism: the ecosystem. What the iPhone itself lacks in multitasking, it more than makes up for with the ease of use if you are also using a Mac. If you edit images on your MacBook Air, it’s incredibly easy to transfer your images back to your phone with the AirDrop feature. This alone makes social media marketing incredibly simple. 

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is great for functionality for one reason in particular, and that’s Android’s multitasking features. With the S23 Ultra, you’re able to have multiple windows up at the same time so if you need to have one window up with suggested hashtags and another window with Instagram running, you’re able to do that easily. This is particularly helpful when you find yourself in situations where you cannot copy and paste.

The last smartphone on the list is also the most expensive, but its functionality is second to none. The Galaxy Z Fold 4. Where the S23 Ultra is great with multitasking, the Z Fold 4 takes it up to another level. With the increased screen size (nearly the size of a tablet), you’re able to do so much more on your phone than ever before. 


Best Screen

This section is going to be less subjective and more based on the specs for the smartphones, but for this section, you’re going to see more of the same with the iPhone 14 Pro, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Why would you want to have the best screen? Easy. To make sure that you catch any blemishes or errors in your photos/videos before you post.

While smartphones have minor differences here and there, screens are one area where they’ve all improved massively over the years. There are really only 2 large differences between the two phones mentioned in this section. 

The iPhone sets itself apart in this section by having the best outdoor screen brightness. The iPhone has a maximum screen brightness of 2000 nits (the unit for measuring brightness) compared to the Ultra’s 1,750 nits. Both of these are great, but the iPhone pulls ahead in the end.

On the other hand, the S23 Ultra’s specs shine when it comes to image quality with a large Super AMOLD screen capable of 4k resolution at 120hz. Both screen brightness and screen quality will likely be more than ok with most other phones, but these are some of the standouts among high-end smartphones.

Now that you’ve got some good options for a smartphone for social media marketing, you’re on your way to creating engaging content for your followers. But if you need more help with your social media marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation.