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Social Media Management Tools Can Now Post to TikTok

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It’s a good day to be a social media manager as TikTok has added a new set of social media management platforms to its Marketing Partners Program. What does this mean? You can now organize, schedule, and publish your content from your platform of choice.

As explained by TikTok:

“Today, we are excited to introduce the TikTok Marketing Partners Program’s inaugural group of badged partners in the Content Marketing specialty. These eight industry leaders – Brandwatch, Dash Hudson, Emplifi, Hootsuite, Khoros, Later, Sprinklr, and Sprout Social – have built innovative solutions that make it easier for brands to publish, manage, and track their content on TikTok, all within the content management tools that brands already use and love. We are excited to connect brands with these trusted partners who can help them lean into and level up their TikTok-first content strategies.”

This update is going to make it much easier to plan and post your TikTok content, which also simplifies the repurposing process, so you can re-share your video assets across other social media platforms through these industry-leading sites.

With this new integration, brands using these approved TikTok partners will be able to:

Organize, schedule, and publish content on TikTok; streamline content collaboration, scale publishing activity, and manage cross-platform content.

Track profile and video metrics in real-time, compare to other platforms and benchmark performance; optimize strategies; better understand audiences and engagement.

You can also track conversations happening in the comments section, delegate and respond, understand the community’s engagement style with your brand, and maintain a consistent response cadence to stay engaged with the TikTok community.

These updates could provide a big boost to your TikTok marketing efforts, and with the app on track to reach 1.5 billion users in 2022, would make it the second-most used social media app in the world.

These new integrations will provide insight and oversight, in order to optimize your TikTok approach, which could make it much easier to scale your current content efforts to include TikTok clips.

It’s a big update, and no doubt many social media managers will be excitedly looking to add TikTok into their dashboard, with the option now being rolled out in your account settings.

It could take some getting used to, but now, TikTok will be a much more central part of many brands’ social media strategies.