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The New Recipe for Finding Success with Social Media Marketing (Part 1)

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Part 1: The New Recipe for Social Media Advertising Success

Warning: The following article may induce cravings for chocolate chip cookies.

The Facebook Advertising landscape changes as quickly as a kaleidoscope, leaving most businesses with a dated plan to achieve success in the digital sphere. Social feeds are overcrowded and focused on short term dopamine rushes vs. long term gains. The reality is that boosting posts and creating ads without appropriate strategy simply will not cut it in 2020. As the state of social media advertising continues to evolve, so must the tactics, strategies, and thought processes required to generate a high-quality ROI.

Think of social media advertising (aka paid social) as if it were a delicious, slightly warm, soft-centered, salty-sweet chocolate chip cookie.  The best chocolate chip cookies are like the best-paid adseveryone already has a recipe, but those with the right ingredients, proportion, proper order, and timing wins. Why has the perfect recipe for social media advertising changed over the last few years and how can you adjust to still profit? Let’s take a look…

1. The decline of organic visibility on Instagram (owned by Facebook), Facebook, & Snapchat

Facebook’s algorithm, which was re-designed to give your friends and family priority (which also means forcing businesses to pay so they can make money), changed a little more than a year ago and is believed to have decreased organic reach by 52%! This was the moment where social media advertising became no longer optional for companies but essential for best results. With businesses being forced into the inevitable pay-to-play model, the ad space has become highly saturated and competitive, driving auction prices (the amount you pay per click or view for your paid social media) up significantly. Higher bid prices mean you must be much more efficient to squeeze out profit than a couple of years ago.

3. The rise of mobile, understanding the intrusive

Almost 80% of the time spent on social media is done from mobile devices (though we still feel serious shoppers for luxury investments research more and purchase at a greater rate on desktop and laptop). This is notable because our mobile phones are far more personal than any other touchpoint.

That means that advertising has taken on an all-new level of intrusiveness – and even if consumers can’t block your ads, they are just a thumb-scroll away and maybe they should be. After all, who wants a baker randomly popping up in your own personal kitchen offering fresh baked cookies in the midst of life’s daily activities and responsibilities with no proper understanding of timing, what the audience is in the mood for that day, and (maybe most importantly) knowledge of if he is even welcome to begin with?

What kind of baker is your business? Do you serve up warm freshly baked cookies at the perfect time and reap the rewards or do you just make a batch that will last all year and let them go a bit stale for your audience hoping no one will notice?

Now that we know why the social media advertising climate has changed over the years, it’s time to talk about the new recipe for success. Stay tuned next month when we’ll uncover all the tasty ingredients. Ready to step up the social media advertising game for your business? Give us a shout here or call (305) 455-0720 to discuss your strategy with our experienced iScreamSocialMedia team.