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Let’s Be Reel – The Best Tips to Boost Your Instagram Reels!

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It feels like everyone and their mother are making Instagram Reels nowadays – you likely have too. You shoot the video, crop it together, add audio, post… and crickets. Why do some Reels get thousands of views, while others get lost in the shuffle?

Here are 7 tried and true tips to help boost your Instagram Reel views:

2. #Keywords

Not everyone is an SEO wiz, but search optimization is crucial. If this isn’t your strong suit, all you have to do is focus on keywords! Use both your captions and hashtags as an SEO moment. Keywords help Instagram understand what your content is about. By using hyper specific hashtags, your content is more likely to be vetted by Instagram’s algorithm and presented to the people most interested in it. And, within your captions, try to subtly add relevant keywords.

3. Generate More Engagement

We’re all here for the same reason; we want more engagement! Whether that’s more views, followers, shares, likes, comments, or leads, there’s a few things you can do to boost boost boost!

• People love to share their opinions, especially online. So ask them a question! It’s as easy as “What’s your favorite vacay spot? Drop a comment below!” Extra points if you like and comment on their responses.

• Beginning > Middle > End. People love a good story! Make sure your reel is structurally satisfying and coherent.

• Engage with those whom you want to see your content. Don’t get stuck in the endless loop of only engaging with content and accounts similar to yours.

• “Want to learn more?” Direct followers to your page, and specifically to any links in your bio!

4. Post Consistently

A post a day keeps your follower count rising! The simple truth of the matter is the more you post, the more people see your content and the higher your chances of going viral. You want people to get used to seeing you, your brand, your product, and become a staple in their feed.

5. Calls To Action

Stop scrolling! You’re gonna want to hear this… Sound familiar? Calls to action at the beginning of your Reel help draw viewers in. A few that are guaranteed to work:

• “Why is nobody talking about (insert topic here)?!”

• “Stop scrolling!”

• “You’ll never believe what just happened…”

6. Keep Instagram Looking Like Instagram

Now, we’re all for recycling and reusing content. You spend a lot of time making sure your transitions and lighting are perfect for TikTok, surely you can use the same masterpiece on Reels? Not quite! You can use the video, but make sure it’s the version without another social platform’s watermark (namely TikTok).

Also, make sure the Reel works for Instagram’s viewing experience: filmed in portrait to fill the screen, and crystal-clear sound and video. Beware of sounds becoming unsynced or distorted, as well as visuals becoming blurry, which can occasionally happen when uploading repurposed content from other platforms.

7. Ask for Help

Okay, but who has time to do all these things?? If you’re thinking this, iScreamSocialMedia is going to be your new best friend. We act as an extension of your team and turn your real raw video footage and images into powerful Reels, while adding engaging captions, posting the content, and making sure your feed stays fresh each month.

Want to learn more about how to improve your company’s social media or learn more about our iScreamSocialMedia services? Call us at (305) 455-0720 or e-mail GetTheScoop@iScreamSocialMedia.com to schedule a complimentary strategy call with the team.