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How to Engage with Your Followers

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It’s one thing to have regular content on your social media platforms, but what turns a good social media account into a great one? Engaging with your followers. This can be as simple as liking someone’s comment when they reply to your post on IG or retweeting something that one of your followers posted.

But we are looking to go above and beyond for our followers, so what are some good methods?

1. Share Brand Stories

It’s one of the greatest arsenals in human history to grab someone’s attention and get them interested in what you want to say by:


If you want your audience to engage with your brand on social media more often, share your brand stories. Tell them how you started your brand, share milestones, testimonials, vital partnerships, and make them aware of all setbacks too. These stories will help you build a solid emotional connection with the audience.

2. Ask For Regular Customer Feedback

Social media is a real-time avenue for feedback and communications. Therefore, you need to ask for your customer’s feedback regularly to find out about common customer issues.

Making your audience express their views will help them feel special and realize their views matter to your brand.

You can also ask your social media audience for their views whenever you launch a new product or service, similar to YouTubers asking for feedback on the topic at the end of the video. This will help you find out if you’ve met customer expectations.

3. Host An Occasional Contest

Interacting with customers proactively across social media platforms and conducting occasional contests can improve engagement rates. For example, you can ask your audience to vote for one of your favorite products, conduct a giveaway event, or any other creative online competition.

Having an interesting offer for your audience will encourage them to share it with their friends and family, which will increase engagement and social interactions.

Such campaigns will make your customers feel they are part of a community and are likely to be more than happy to be contributors.

4. Give Them a Personalized Experience

One of the most underrated ways to build trust and engage with the audience is by providing your customers with a personalized online experience.

When you post your contest results or reply to comments, addressing them using their name creates an empathetic bond with the target audience.

As soon as you start doing this, people will feel more inclined to interact and engage with your brand regularly. This might also improve overall customer satisfaction.

5. Educate Your Audience

The primary reason for having a social media presence is to provide value to your audience and show them why you stand apart from the rest.

One of the greatest hacks in the book is to showcase credibility and authenticity to your audience by providing them with knowledgeable social media content.

If you are good at something, make your audience learn from your experience, share valuable industry insights, and use your product or services to solve real-time problems. It will entice them towards your content and boost engagement efforts.