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How Do I Come Up With Instagram Content Ideas?

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Finding Instagram Content Ideas can be a struggle. Trust us. Even we run into that problem from time to time. But have no fear, we’re outlining simple ways to find content inspiration you can use to beat any design block.

Find Ideas in the Comments

Every marketer knows that engagement is essential. Therefore, to find engaging content ideas take a look at popular content and the comments viewers leave. This includes things like their questions and comments. Also, take note of the most common topics.

If someone is asking to see specific kinds of content, they’re likely not the only ones. Not only have they done the heavy lifting for you when it comes to thinking of new content ideas, but it also makes you look good because you’re clearly listening to what your followers/commenters want to see.

Get Inspired IG Content Ideas from Competitors

One effective Instagram marketing strategy is to observe your competitors. Take time to check out their content. It’s a good start to think about the style and approach they are using. Then use the research as a jumping point to plan your content. 

This does not mean that you should lift their content. That’s stealing and that’s a no-no. But if you notice that you see much more engagement on video content rather than carousels, then you have a good idea that the same might be true for you since you’d likely have similar followers.

Similarly, you can look up keywords in Instagram to get ideas from other accounts that aren’t necessarily competitors, but it can still help get your creative juices flowing.

Have Monthly Instagram Meetings

If you have a team responsible for your Instagram content, make sure that they are having monthly meetings to come up with new content ideas. In these meetings, there is no such thing as a bad idea, and sometimes those “out of nowhere” ideas can make for the most engaging content.

Once you have all the ideas listed out, you can go through the list and either refine those that are good but still need work, or throw out the ones that are either too risque or just won’t work for the brand.

If you don’t have a team taking care of your Instagram content, then you should still find some way to bounce ideas off of someone else. This might mean finding someone else in the business and asking them for 30-minutes of their time, or even bouncing ideas off something like ChatGPT.

Get Instagram Content from Your Other Content

It’s often a misconception that you should never re-use content, but we say “work smarter, not harder”. So if you’ve got a YouTube video, you can resize it to work for Reels and BOOM. You’ve got a new post. If you have a blog that you want to showcase, you can take some of the major points and turn them into images for a carousel post.

Our point is that if you have one good idea, don’t be afraid to share it on every platform that you can.

Sometimes, coming up with content ideas is the most difficult part of Instagram marketing. But these ideas should help you come up with those ideas a bit easier. If it all sounds a bit too overwhelming though, you can always reach out to us for our Instagram marketing services or schedule a free consultation.