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Everything You Need to Know About the Clubhouse App

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Everything You Need to Know About the Clubhouse App


Accidentally, or purposely, you’ve arrived right here, right now, reading this blog, and the sooner you have found it, the more success this article on the Clubhouse App (CHA) can provide. You see, before we dive in on the app’s value, best practices to maximize results from Clubhouse, or review how to increase follows on the app, we need to understand friendly algorithms.  – 

As your friendly iScreamSocialMedia President, I take it upon myself to stay at the bleeding edge of the hottest, newest, and most effective social media platforms. And a key reason for this, beyond first mover advantage we might all love to capitalize within any industry, is that nearly every social media platform that flies onto your radar starts off with an algorithm that I like to call “friendly.” In short, with time, as all apps need to earn money, they change the algorithm so your ability to get followers, views, leads, traction, and upside without paying huge sums all but disappears. So you must act quickly.  

Before you read on, download the Clubhouse app, create a profile so you can claim your place in line, and remember who suggested you do so. Every day that passes, every day later you find this article, is another day lost that will never be recoverable, as maximizing results in this industry means getting ahead early. So let’s dive into what is Clubhouse, and how you can best utilize this platform?

1. What is the Clubhouse App?

Imagine if you could listen in on conversations of industry leaders, actors, architects, or doctors legally, without cost, and instantaneously at nearly any time of day? With Clubhouse, you can do exactly that. Your iPhone (Clubhouse is only available in the Apple App Store at time of launch) is essentially able to “drop in” on any conversation you find. Further, you can ask questions, be invited to speak or moderate, and leave anytime you wish. Clubhouse takes the “media” feel right out of social media and leaves us with what we’ve always loved about social media—the social aspects.

If folks like you are listening, that means other folks are speaking. And if other folks are speaking, that begs the questions of whether you can host your own Clubhouse room on a topic of your choosing? Yes, you can – now you’re getting it.  If you feel you are a sales guru, you can create a room dedicated to sales topics and build followers that want to learn from you. If you are a surgeon, you can create a spot to exchange ideas with other surgeons to hone your craft.  And if you seek advice on how to create the perfect cast iron steak, you can form a group and invite chefs to share their ideas. 

2. How Can I Join the Clubhouse App?

It’s no wonder that sororities, societies, fraternities, and clubs thrive – people love exclusivity. Here in South Beach, where iScreamSocialMedia is based, the saying goes that you’d “never want to go to a club you can get into,” as the more exclusive the clientele, the more successful the club. The ownership of Clubhouse, behind the guise of wanting to roll out services with testing, currently has made Clubhouse invite only. They say this is temporary, though they clearly made an early push to attract celebrities and other big names in entrepreneurship, public speaking, and the arts to create the cache they sought. While it seems exclusive, they now have over a million users and by the time you read this, those numbers should escalate dramatically.  

What you can do is immediately download the Clubhouse app, create a profile, and get in line as the sooner you do so, the sooner you get in. If you share contacts, it’s possible that many of your contacts have already made it in, and if they have, they may have extra “move ups” to share with you as a thank you for the platform engagement and can literally move you up in line. In my case, a former colleague @MikeAbramowitz, a great public speaker and generally nice guy, who has spoken at my company events, moved me up the Clubhouse list within 15 minutes and I am off to the races. So while as the CEO of this illustrious 3-time winner of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America social media company, iScreamSocialMedia, would like to believe I am famous, the reality is you need not be besties with Kanye, Madison Beer, or Al Pacino to get going.

3. How Can I Monetize Clubhouse’s Platform?

We look at this in two ways. Many will earn more, be happier, and grow personally and professionally just by having access to this wonderful tool to hear views from various experts on so many subjects. I have already spent thirty minutes this morning listening to a swath of industry social media experts chatting about personal brands and picked up some pearls. While I also love podcasts, and have my own (since 2014 – search for the YellowTelesope YellowTelecast Podcast), the ability to hear in real time from dozens of experts who know their information is not being recorded and who are being challenged by others is a great option for soaking in knowledge. 

But for those truly seeking to make money on the platform, the answers are as follows:

Get on early – every day is a huge loss due to the algorithms tightening and millions more joining, slowly drowning out your voice. 

Define your unique gift or area of expertise – for me, I would like to host something in one of three key areas: 1) 

1) A Clubhouse for those looking to master sales or interviewing skills as I have interviewed over 10,000 people and manage large national teams of elite-level salespeople.

2) A Clubhouse focused on social media marketing – as I own iScreamSocialMedia and feel we are on the bleeding edge, but also want to hear opinions of other experts in digital marketing

3) And a Clubhouse for people seeking information on plastic surgery and the industry as we have one of the largest clienteles of plastic surgeons in the country, if not the world. We have run these practices for years, and overseen over a half billion in annual sales for them. 

Get to work connecting with your target speakers, buyers, and folks you wish to influence. 

Once this is completed, you simply need to invest time if you feel it is worthwhile. On our end, we are not sure yet – the reality is at 20 years old I might have been able to dedicate several hours a day to following people, commenting, running Clubhouses, and growing my base. Now that I’m in my 40s and the idea of more money is good, but is no longer the driving force. My team and I are researching whether utilizing 1-2 hours a week with a highly targeted, but also high-level clubhouse for those seeking our most advanced stuff could work.  Time will tell, but our business is built and bandwidth is thin – if yours has room, that’s great. You will be able to invest and take my market share.

Getting Help with Clubhouse App

What we do know is that we can help your business scale on Clubhouse (CHA), and every other platform. We’re out in front on this, but able to scale our clients on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snap, YouTube, and for sure on TikTok. While a young person building a personal brand with limited resources is not our target and can do ok without professional support, it is important if you are leading a company that wishes to have an influence on their community and drive business through social media to strongly consider, and at least converse with, a team like ours (and ideally actually ours!). You can reach out to us here or call (305) 455-0720.  We look forward to dropping in with you for a conversation about maximizing results on this great new platform or any other social media marketing topics.

– Jon Hoffenberg, iScreamSocialMedia President