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If you’re reading this page, consider yourself lucky. Imagine being one of the first companies to start an Instagram business page back in 2014 when organic traction was still possible. Well, here's your chance to seize early access to today’s social media equivalent of the wild west: the Clubhouse app. And now is the prime time to get in.

So, what is Clubhouse exactly? The Clubhouse app is a drop-in audio chat that enables any ol’ person to listen in on conversations at any time and at no cost, on nearly any topic. And everyone’s on it, from industry leaders, musicians, and medical professionals to celebrities, like Elon Musk, Drake, Kevin Hart, and Oprah. The Clubhouse audio chat social network is still brand new, launching when COVID hit the US in March 2020, though as it was (and currently is here in early 2021) available by invite only, so it grew incredibly slowly at first. And all you need is an iPhone that’s cued up to the app, and you’re off to the races.

Jarrod R. Daniel

We didn’t know how we were going to come out of the (COVID-19) pandemic...they increased our followers, as well as gave us a unique presence online, and I believe it really made a big difference in us coming out busier than ever.

What We Do

Help Your Business Take Advantage of Clubhouse

Simply put, the opportunities on Clubhouse to promote yourself or your brand, share your story, connect with ideal clients or customers, and elicit feedback is staggering. We’ve seen entrepreneurs connect with around 20 new clients after merely answering some questions during one conversation. And word spreads like wildfire on Clubhouse. So, if you mention something of value that people truly want, there’s the potential to have many rooms (of up to 5,000 people) talking about it. We know of brands that have sponsored rooms and then gained around 30 new customers after sharing their story once. Perhaps one of the most unique benefits of Clubhouse is the chance to connect with people you might have no other way of meeting, all because the app makes gathering and assembling with other experts that easy.

Get Your Business Early Access

At iScreamSocialMedia, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of all things social media, and we know the urgency and necessity of joining this latest and greatest social media platform straight out of the gate to maximize results before shear volume of users and algorithmic updates make it difficult to grow your proverbial social media snowball to then roll down hill. We’re here to help you break through the exclusivity and invite-only aspect of this app that boasts millions users already. First things first: download the app, create a profile, and get in line. Time is of the essence, so the sooner you’re in line, the sooner you have a chance of getting in. Sharing your contacts tends to be the golden ticket for fastest entrance. That is, if you’ve got contacts that are already members and they have extra “move ups,” they may gift you for joining the platform. Once in, you’ll have access to listening (in real time) to dozens of experts, a priceless opportunity to grow professionally. Further, you can consider your own approach to maximizing the platform. Do you have an expertise you can create a weekly, monthly or daily discussion surrounding? Might you wish to connect with key influencers in an area that has access to your customer base? Do you already have a podcast, large social media following or exposure you wish to amplify? iScreamSocialMedia is the best option to help you maximize your reach on Clubhouse, plus help you formulate a winning strategy before you jump in blind.

Guide Your Clubhouse Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re a local business, plastic surgeon, e-commerce brand, or something else entirely, there’s likely opportunity for your company to leverage Clubhouse. Our social media gurus are ready to help you get set up to host something within your area of expertise and connect with target speakers, buyers, and clients or customers you hope to influence. We are here to help you use social media to scale your business, and that includes gaining influence on your community and driving business through Clubhouse.

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How do I grow my following on Clubhouse?

This is an excellent question, because growing your following can grow your business. The key to growing your following is being active on the Clubhouse app and showing up on virtual stages that are relevant to your industry. As listeners see your profile and enjoy the content and answers you provide to various questions and topics presented in targeted and specific Clubhouse chat rooms, you’ll pick up followers. We regularly see members with 10,000 to over 500,000 followers on the app who are not, in the typical sense, famous or well known. Quality content, time and focusing on hosting one or two key topics or shows, plus moving quickly and early, are keys to maximizing your influence and followers on Clubhouse. To do this, start by getting noticed in smaller chat rooms of 5-20 people where there’s better odds of getting to know people. The more active you are and the more you’re able to be invited on stage, the more people will see you, be attracted to the value you offer them, and want to follow you.

How do I host a Clubhouse room or use clubs?

When you host a room, you’re the boss, and you hold the remote, so to speak. As moderator, you get to decide who comes up on the virtual stage, when to mute someone, and when to pass the baton as moderator. That’s right. You can share the job as moderator, but when you’re in charge, you should aim to bring order to the room, anticipate what your audience wants to hear, and keep the conversation interesting by including people with varying perspectives. People use clubs to organize rooms, or conversations, and pull together audiences in advance. In other words, your club and it’s admin can create, host, and moderate several rooms, public or private. Your club followers will be notified each time you open a public room, and if you’ve got exclusive info for members only, there’s always the option for your admin to create a private room. So if you are a plastic surgeon looking to maximize your influence on Clubhouse you personally can decide whether the room you host caters to potential patients or to peers who may refer others. If you are a creative designer you determine if your chat room will discuss the most gorgeous new themes or teach up and coming designers tricks of the trade. If you are an attorney you can teach tips to get out of tickets or coach attorneys on work/life balance. The possibilities are endless.

Do I have to talk on Clubhouse or can I just listen?

Asking questions, speaking or moderating yourself, and exiting at any time are all permissible parts of the game. How you want to play is completely up to you. Many people simply enjoy learning and being entertained, using the app as an educational opportunity. Many others, however, will develop millions in revenue and profit by becoming active, and doing so early, using the proper best practices in Clubhouse as well. You can take your zone of genius and run with it, create a group of like-minded experts, and lead a discussion on all the topics. Or just listen in when you get the urge. Either way, you’ll get a page of conversational topics to follow, depending on your interests and specialties, and you can tune in to any of the conversations.


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