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Wise Plastic Surgery Return on Investment Case Study

Case Studies

iScreamSocialMedia has helped us increase engagement from our social media accounts. In just our first two months, social media led to approximately 4-8 sales that likely gave us a 3-10x return on our investment. As a Sr. Marketing Manager for one of the largest facial plastics practices in the country, who used to create every post myself before simply becoming too busy, my standards, and that of our owner, for design and results are high. iScreamSocialMedia’s creative design is very high quality, with photos, graphics, and video that feel authentic and local. I’d highly recommend them as social media is now an integral piece of the marketing puzzle and iScreamSocialMedia delivers a beautiful and profitable product.
- Jenna Voliva, Marketing Manager – Wise Plastic Surgery

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With a social media presence in the thousands of followers before hiring iScreamSocialMedia, Dr. Wise came to us hoping to see why his lead volume was not commensurate with his follower count. Like many clients before him, he suspected a previous social media company had used robots (bots) or simply used fake followers and followers that were unlikely to engage with is social media. We sought to increase engagement and ensure that any new participation was truly genuine. With the additional and to also start a new Instagram account devoted to his hair restoration practice, we knew there was huge opportunity to help his brand gain the recognition and following it deserved.

Campaign Examples

In just the first two months, we organically grew his hair restoration social media feed from nothing to 390 followers and added real, engaged followers to his primary facial plastic surgery account. In that same time, we launched two ad campaigns that generated 3100+ clicks and 26 verified patient inquiries. The campaigns we built to promote his facelift procedures and CoolSculpting treatments were so successful, we are rolling out our 3rd campaign for the brand new Emsculpt treatment they offer in late 2018. Our approach doesn’t spam people and we use white hat, above-board techniques to grow organic followership. Fresh and exciting graphic design, coupled with a distinct sense of the voice of the practice, led to 3900+ likes and 200+ unique clicks to his website in that same time.

How much more engagement could your business have by making the switch to iScreamSocialMedia for your social media management and advertising? Reach out to us at GetTheScoop@iScreamSocialMedia.com to learn more.