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How to Generate Social Media Leads Every Single Month

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- Sonya Merriman, M.D. - Plastic Surgery Associates of Valdosta

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Dr. Sonya Merriman leads a reputable practice in Valdosta, Georgia, one that cared deeply about their staff and patients. As the practice gained momentum over the years with massive potential for growth, Dr. Merriman decided to invest in professional social media marketing. She chose iScreamSocialMedia because of our tailored approach to content creation. Unlike other social media marketing firms that often produce cookie-cutter content, our account managers work individually with each client to create images, video, and copy customized for their unique brand. And Plastic Surgery Associates of Valdosta was a special one.

Within the first year of managing Dr. Merriman’s accounts, we averaged 25 new leads from social media each month. Additionally, the practice’s website performance improved year-over-year, with a 20% increase in traffic to the website and 21% increase in time users spent on the website. The practice continues to receive tons of messages and comments from their followers and is a perfect example of how a local business can build community and drive sales through engaging social media.

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