iScream case study for Shim Ching, M.D.

Facebook ads campaign generating $60k in sales

Case Studies

iScreamSocialMedia has delivered impressive results for my social media campaigns, including $60k in sales from a single Facebook ad campaign. Their skilled and trustworthy team of social media experts make the process seamless from start to finish. Hiring iScreamSocialMedia has proven to be a profitable decision for my practice marketing.
- Dr. Shim Ching, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery, Inc.

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Prior to hiring our Miami social media company, Dr. Shim Ching’s plastic surgery practice tried running a Facebook advertising campaign with a competing social media marketing firm. The other firm was successful in generating leads (aka potential clients), but the lead quality was poor, resulting in little to no revenue.

Dr. Ching wanted to try Facebook advertising again, but this time chose our award-winning iScreamSocialMedia team for the job. How did we do things differently? First, our paid ads strategist worked with the practice to narrow in on the optimal service to promote for their campaign – Orbera, a weight-loss treatment. Next, we added special elements to further eliminate spam leads and focused on capturing high-value intent leads. In the first 75 days, we A/B tested the campaign for both creative assets and targeting, and once we had solid traction, our Miami social media company further increased the campaign’s efficiencies.

Campaign Examples

In addition to taking a methodical approach to creating the Facebook ad campaign, we designed a high-performing landing page, incorporating effective copy, a prominent contact form, and enticing offer. After a few short months, we were not only able to generate new leads, but ones that would actually convert into paying patients! Now that we had a proven system, we elevated the campaign’s performance levels by increasing ad spend, yet still maintaining a reasonable cost-per-click, and doubled down on our efforts.

The results? We were able to generate 48 leads, resulting in $60,000 in confirmed sales for this single campaign, with a budget of $1,500/month. Needless to say, we are still running ads for Dr. Ching and driving new business straight to his practice!

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