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Concept is simple.

We provide a turnkey solution for businesses seeking beautiful, unique, cutting edge social media posts for their social media feeds, such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus, and Snap that drive real profitability for our clients. Having seen the often low-quality, repetitive, or boring content produced by many “online marketing” teams and the lack of responsiveness and timely work from “creative agencies,” we recognized the need for a punctual, organized, and efficient team that also provided content, curated and created posts, and ideas that were bleeding edge and impressive in this relatively new wild, wild west environment that attracts so many subpar players within the social media marketing space.

Since then, iScreamSocialMedia has grown exponentially and helped create an award winning, published and much sought after source for the social media needs of companies of all sizes.

Creating a World-Class Social Media company starts with leadership.

Our leadership team has decades of experience with relevant degrees from schools such as Wharton, Duke, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest.

Founded by company Partners, Jon Hoffenberg and Ed Syring, and supported by a leadership team including Jill Peeling, Mae McNamara, John Berry, and Tom Carter our team includes graduates of the Wharton School of Business, Tulane, Duke, Vanderbilt, and Wake Forest to name a few. In a newer industry where nobody can claim decades of experience, the importance of having heavily researched social media best practices, intelligent strategy and execution, and an indefatigable commitment to client results is paramount. Recently, Jon was named one of “40 Business Leaders Under 40” in South Florida by the South Florida Business Journal as well as a “Top Workplace Professional” by Sun Sentinel Magazine. Ed Syring and Jill Peeling lecture nationally on social media acumen and efficacy, and our team has developed literally thousands of social media posts for clients spanning from Houston to Charlotte, Miami to Beverly Hills with a 100% success rate of growing client followers, website visitors and sales through social channels since inception.

Additional Staff Members

Tom Carter

Senior Director

Achieved more than $8M in sales over a 4 year period, equating to 40% annual growth year over year, for one of the largest top ranked Healthcare Staffing companies in the country

Managed both onshore and offshore software development teams in the creation of key internal sourcing software that accounted for roughly $4M in gross profits during its first year in production

A decade of experience as a Project Manager, Product Manager and Business Analyst for both a Fortune 100 company as well as a top ranking Healthcare Staffing company

Jackson Parker

Business Development Manager

Graduate of Vanderbilt University

Venture for America Fellow

Former documentarian for the BBC

Sean Kiefer

Social Media Paid Ads Manager

Nearly eight years of cross functional experience in developing and executing award winning digital and social media marketing strategies

Established and managed an audience of over 270k on Facebook and 15k on IG for a major Latin apparel company based in Miami. Generating the highest and most consistent ROI on social media compared to all other retail brands in the company’s portfolio

Won a Travel + Leisure Smitty Award for Social Media Storytelling Travel Campaign

Graduated Miami International School of Art & Design with a Bachelors in Fashion Design

Jessica Beck

Account Coordinator

Organically grew her own Instagram audience to over ten thousand followers and enjoys influencer status

Specializes in content creation including writing, photography, and video editing

Residing in Melbourne, Florida Jess is a Veteran of the US Navy as well as a licensed cosmetologist

Rachel Komich

Account Coordinator

Freelance writer contributing to several publications, including Music For Good and 614 Magazine

Graduate of Ohio University with a focus on creative writing

Currently obtaining a Masters of Library and Information Sciences through Syracuse University

Creation & Curation

Curating and Creating the Best Social Media Content Takes Creativity

Hardworking, responsive, educated leadership is step one in creating impressive social media results. To take hot water and make it boil, we add creative talent to make your social media posts and ads truly pop. Each of our social media managers (we call them iScreamers) are trained extensively and are “Hootsuite Certified” social media experts. We use industry best practices coupled with right brain creative natural talent to research and proliferate content that will differentiate you from our competition. Our team consists of educated and eloquent content writers, visual superstars, and techies who deliver amazing social media content including custom photo, video, testimonial and other posts for general feeds or social media advertising purposes such as Instagram ads, Facebook boosted posts or ads, and other pay-per-click outlets. Further, we grow follower counts without robots or spammy techniques, utilizing only real team members who research appropriate sources of future business and then follow to gain follow-backs, coupled with providing engaging content with viral potential.

Awards & Results

Proving Your Social Media Company’s Excellence Takes Results

YellowTelescope, LLC. (iScreamSocialMedia’s parent company) and/or iScreamSocialMedia have been recognized for their results and expertise for many years:

  • "The Inc. 5000"Inc. Magazine's List of the 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America
  • "50 Fastest Growing Companies in South Floirda 2018"South Florida Business Journal
  • "Good to Great Award Winner"Great Miami Chamber of Commerce
  • "50 Fastest Growing Companies in South Florida 2017"South Florida Business Journal
  • "HYPE Entrepreneur of the Year"Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
  • "Top Workplace Professional"Sun Sentinel Magazine
  • 40 Business Leaders Under 40South Florida Business Journal
  • RealSelf AffiliateRealSelf Affiliate
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